Although hemp products are becoming more mainstream, there are still many misconceptions about this beneficial plant.

The cultural stigma of hemp will be a hard hurdle to overcome due to the connection people make to cannabis. Surprisingly, even your most well-versed pothead probably couldn’t tell you a whole lot about the complexity of cannabinoids, and specifically hemp distillate. 

However, education on the subject could help ease some of the pushback when it comes to properly legislating and regulating this product.

The process of distillation is what turns the raw plant into the healthful and remedying products so many are depending on more and more.

hemp close up

How Does It Work?

Hemp and CBD are not what get you high. And there’s no worry about how to pass a urine test. These compounds solely have medicinal and therapeutic properties treating everything from sleeplessness to seizures.

“The short answer is, hemp distillates are a super potent oil form of cannabis extract that are incredibly pure and offer unlimited benefits. Hemp, or CBD distillate, removes specific cannabis compounds from the plant itself and separates them from waxes, lipids and plant matter, so that exact amounts of desired compounds and essential oils can be added later on to create unique, flavorful, and strain-specific profiles. 

Hemp and CBD are legal everywhere and completely safe. It also does not have the euphoric effect associated with THC, so you won’t experience any psychoactive side effects. Hemp distillate may contain trace amounts of THC, 0.3% or less by federal law. This is how it differs from high THC cannabis sold in dispensaries that medical patients and recreational users seek.”

With distillate being an even more specific product, knowing which compounds are desired in treating different ailments make them even more effective, and utilizing distillate effectively could be extremely beneficial to people all over the world.

Why Distillate?

“Through this process, companies are able to create a product that is uniquely formulated with very targeted functions with incredibly potent CBD percentages. This makes CBD distillate incredibly therapeutic.

There is a bit of an important difference between distillate and other concentrated forms of hemp. Distillate is always in oil form, often very thick and sticky. Also, distillate first isolates the desired compounds through steam and pressure, allowing for the addition of other essential oils later. 

Other cannabis concentrates have various other methods of extracting the desired compounds, from mechanical pressing or separation of the oils to freezing, high heat, or chemicals. Though the aim is not to isolate any specific one. Rather, it is to create the purest form of the beneficial attributes of the plant in whatever percentages the producer is hoping to achieve”

hemp distillate in oil form

Why The World Needs To Know.

Hemp education would be incredibly freeing to many people who are looking for alternative medicines for chronic disease or everyday ailments, using marijuana after surgery, or those struggling with substance abuse. Some folks simply want to add another healthy element to their routine.

Prioritizing hemp education is not only important in the consumers’ decisions making, but the legislator’s as well. It will never even reach consumers in the correct fashion if those in charge of legalizing the hemp plant and the processes of turning it into medicines, textiles and more don’t understand the process.

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We went hundreds of years with our culture demonizing something so harmless. Fully understanding this plant and its endless possibilities of making our lives easier and healthier is the only chance we have of getting into the hands of the people who need it the most.