Creative Ways To Smoke

Smoking marijuana is an easy task when you have the right tools needed like a pipe, papers, or blunt wraps. Maybe you use a bong or bubbler. Bottom line, there are a lot of different ways to smoke cannabis. Now picture the scenario: you have some fresh buds ready to smoke but you just broke your pipe, or you just ran out of wraps and for whatever reason you can’t make it to the store… What do you do? Well, here are few different methods on how to smoke cannabis with everyday items lying around the house. 

Gravity Bong 

If you are trying to get super high the gravity bong is the right choice for you as gravity bongs get you much higher than any pipe or joint will. We recommend using one of these when you are with a group of friends and are trying to get high without the proper tools. 

First you will need a 2-liter bottle or a big plastic bottle whichever you have laying around. Cut a hole somewhere at the bottom and carve another hole in the cap or simply remove the cap and insert a bowl made of aluminum foil so you are covering the hole. Make sure to poke a few tiny holes in the foil so the smoke can pass through into the bottle.

Gravity Bong
Home made gravity bong made with a water bottle.

Once the bowl is fitted to the top of the bottle remove the bowl and fill with water making sure your finger is covering the hole so no water can get out. 

Once the bottle is full, put the bowl of weed on the top of the bottle. Make sure to do this either outside or over a sink so water doesn’t get everywhere. 

Light the bowl on the top of the bottle and as you light the marijuana let go of the hole at the bottom of the bottle. The water will start to poor out the bottom and will slowly be replaced by thick clouds of cannabis smoke. Once all the water is gone the hole the water was flowing out of will be your mouthpiece so just take a hit and enjoy.

You can also make a gravity bong by cutting a 2-liter bottle in half and putting it into a bucket of water or bathtub. Just light the bowl as you push down into the water and the top half of the bottle will fill with marijuana smoke. Remove the cap of the bottle and there will be enough smoke in there to share with some friends. Make sure you don’t hit the plastic with your lighter.

Bottle Pipe 

If you’re trying to take a simpler approach to smoking without a pipe or papers, there are more options out there. Making a bottle pipe is a lot simpler than a gravity bong and doesn’t require any water. Using a standard water bottle and some aluminum foil you can make a few different mechanisms to smoke out of. 

The simplest way to do this is make an aluminum foil bowl that fits on the top of a standard water bottle or soda bottle and place the foil bowl on the top of the bottle. Next poke a hole on the side of the bottle that will be used as a mouthpiece. Lastly poke a separate singular hole to use as a carb and boom you have a makeshift marijuana pipe. 

Water Bottle Pipe
Pipe made out of a water bottle and aluminum foil.

Just add marijuana to the top of the water bottle where you have created a bowl and all you have to do is ignite and inhale. Make sure when doing this you are just lighting the marijuana on fire and not the plastic. It’s very similar to the gravity bong except you will just light the bowl and smoke it yourself without using the water.

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Hot Knife 

Back in the day before there were high tech dab rigs with caps and carbs and all that fun stuff the only way to get high from concentrates without a paper or pipe was to use a hot knife to heat the wax.  

It’s simple and straightforward if you take the end of a knife and heat it with a lighter, preferably a torch, and then put the concentrates or rosin onto the knife it will turn the dabs to vapor or smoke. Just inhale and enjoy but be careful not to burn yourself.

If you are going to use this method it is smart to do this at home so you don’t accidentally burn yourself or cut yourself with a hot knife. It’s smart to do this near a sink or a bowl in which you can put the knife in after you inhale the cannabis. 

Fruits & Veggies  

If you only need to smoke a bowl or two and don’t want to mess with foil and plastic, which I totally understand, there are some other options you can work with. Fruits and veggies work perfect for a last-minute marijuana pipes.  

Depending on which fruit you have readily available there are few different things you can make. Apples are the most common fruit used to make a marijuana pipe, but carrots can also be used to make an organic steamroller and watermelons can be made into an organic bong. 

Apple Pipe 

When making a pipe with an apple you will want to take something solid and skinny to help carve out a hole about halfway to the core of the apple. After that take your tool and carve another hole on the other side of the apple that meets the first hole you made, that will be your mouthpiece. Pack the top hole with marijuana light it and boom you have a pipe. 

Apple Pipe
Marijuana pipe made from an apple.

Carrot Steamroller   

Carrot steamrollers and super easy. Just take a carrot and a screwdriver or something similar and poke a hole through the entire carrot right down the middle. Then, somewhere on the top of the carrot in the middle poke another hole to be your bowl or push. This is where the marijuana will go.  

Once you have that created just load the bowl and cover one side and put your mouth on the other side and light. When you are ready to inhale let go of the hole your mouth isn’t on and inhale the smoke. 

Carrot Steamroller
Steamroller for smoking marijuana made out of a carrot.

Watermelon Bong 

 A watermelon bong is a little more complicated than the other two fruit options, but it works pretty well and smoking from one is quite enjoyable. It is helpful if you have a bowl piece you can stick into the watermelon, you can do it without a bowl piece but its makes it a lot easier.

Take a watermelon and hollow out the inside and add water. Next you will poke a diagonal hole into the side of the watermelon for the down stem and the bowl. If you have a bowl piece you can stick this directly into the down stem you have created. Carve a hole through the top large enough to pour water in but not big enough that you can’t wrap your lips around it.

Watermelon Bong
Bong made out of a watermelon.

Hollow Out a Cigarette 

Hollow Cigarette
A hollowed out cigarette that can be packed with weed.

If you or someone you live with smokes cigarettes you are in luck! You can hollow out a cigarette and replace the tobacco with some fresh ground up weed. 

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Take a cigarette and dump out all the tobacco by facing the cigarette down towards the table and twisting the mouthpiece back and forth with your fingers and the tobacco will fall out. If you have tweezers laying around that will make the process a lot easier. You can simply just use the tweezers to pull the tobacco out. 

Once you have a cigarette hollowed out all you have to do is pack with ground up marijuana and you are good to go.

Smoke the Whole Bud 

Smokey Bud
Smokey bud.

If you can’t get any of the above materials together to create some type of marijuana pipe there is still one more option. All you will need for this is a decent sized nug and a lighter. This can’t be done with popcorn buds or any type of shake. You will need a medium sized to large nug that you can hold by the stem. 

If you are unsure on how to approach this, you can do a quick search on YouTube and find a few videos on how to do this.  

 Once you have the nug lit just inhale the smoke and off to the moon you go. If you are having trouble inhaling the smoke from the ass end of the nug you can poke a hole in the top and try and inhale the smoke that way. 

Hope This Helped  

I hope our guide to getting high without a pipe or papers helped you get the job done. Some of these methods are a little off the wall but you gotta get creative when you’re trying to get high without the right supplies. Don’t forget if all else fails most gas stations and grocery stores at least sell rolling papers if you don’t live close to a smoke shop. Obviously, all these methods are just temporary fixes you will eventually want to get a pipe to make the smoking experience more enjoyable.