Weed smoking among celebrities has become a common trend – notable personalities are at the forefront of advocating for marijuana legalization. Hollywood stars such as Lady Gaga, Seth Rogen, and Woody Harrelson have been outspoken about their pot-smoking habits. What’s more, celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa, Melissa Etheredge, and Willie Nelson have gone from rolling joints to actually investing in the cannabis business.

If you can eat weed, then you are not alone. Here are the 6 notable celebrities and their say about their spot smoking habits.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s love for hitting the blunt is no secret. He has always shared his marijuana experiences in his lyrics. Such is Snoop Dogg’s legend at smoking weed that many have tried to out-smoke him – only one other legend, Willie Nelson, has ever beaten him at smoking the most blunts.

His attitude towards pot smoking is well known even to his children. He has been reported saying that none of his children drink, but they smoke, albeit responsibly.

He also said that he’s supportive of his adult children smoking weed. “I try to be an example by not being hypocritical. How can I tell my kids not to smoke when I do?”

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is a well-famed pot smoker who even named an album ‘Rolling Papers.’ In a 2017 interview with Vice, Wiz admitted that smoking a blunt helps to relax his nerves and inspires his creative thinking.

If you want a look at Wiz’s stash, simply look up his own strain of cannabis products known as the Khalifa Kush.

Lady Gaga

Can you eat marijuana for the fun of it? Probably that is how most of us came to love weed, but according to one Lady Gaga, cannabis has helped her recover from chronic pain resulting from fibromyalgia. For Lady Gaga, pot-smoking is a great stress reliever, especially for someone who’s always in the limelight.

Apparently, Lady Gaga also gets creative after rolling a joint, according to her episode with Lifeline Live in 2011. In Gaga’s case, marijuana addiction is quite real, as she confessed in a 2013 radio interview. This addiction came from constantly relying on the herb to help her create great music.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a constant figure whenever the pot-smoking craze is mentioned. He is a legendary pot smoker, one that Snoop Dogg admitted to losing a joint smoking spree. The country superstar is a vocal lover of marijuana to an extent he said smoking weed saved his life — you could say he owes his life to hitting the blunt.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Willie said, “Smoking weed kept me from wanting to kill people and vice versa.”

Just like Wiz Khalifa, Willie has ventured into the marijuana business with his personal brand, Willie’s Remedy, featuring marijuana edibles infused with hemp oil. Can you eat weed and get high? Willie likely agrees.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen, the famous Pineapple Express actor, really loves weed. If you think you can smoke pot, I bet you can’t smoke as many as eight to nine joints that Seth smokes a day.

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Seth Rogen has dedicated his life to fulfilling the wishes of pot smokers by launching a cannabis company that will make household weed products.

According to his partner, Whoopi Goldberg (a weed smoker in his own right), Rogen loves nothing more than just chilling on his couch with his wife and dog, smoking his weed while watching the television. I bet every weed smoker would love that, won’t you?

Woody Harrelson

Smoking weed has its host of benefits, while you might simply do it to find out if you can eat weed and get high, there are people whose lives depend on it. This is probably why Woody Harrelson uses his position at the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws to advocate for the legalization of the holly weed.

From his personal experience with weed, the actor admitted to trying to quit weed smoking. Still, he picked up the habit again after encountering the master pot smoker, Willie Nelson.

Rolling a joint is often associated with incivility and rowdiness, but for those of us who cherish the herb, rolling a joint will not only make you high as a kite but also free your mind from euphoria. As admitted by most pot smoking celebrities, marijuana is not a drug but a God-given herb that treats a lot of ailments.

The Kush culture has spread like wildfire to the extent no one is profiled for their weed-smoking anymore (as it should be). Hopefully, more celebrities will open up about their love for marijuana, and we can all have a mature discussion about the same.