Make Your Post Pandemic Plans for People Who Puff Pot.

The past year had many of us stoners stranded at home with nothing better to do than perfect our rolling skills and dream of a day we get to explore the great outdoors again. With high hopes that 2021 has more in store for us than binge-watching sit-coms and ordering DoorDash, now is a good time to plan a couple of these trips to some of the best US travel destinations for the cooped up cannaseur.

Of course, nothing says fun and freedom like a stoner road trip- the breeze through an open window, sun shining, good tunes, and some greenbacks rolling papers are the only ingredients needed for these ultimate stoner vacation destinations. Grab a map and some papers and get ready to roll. 

  1. Denver, Colorado
 How To Find Denver's Strongest Weed Strains in Denver, the most popular 420 friendly destination.

Smack dab in the middle of the country and possible the epicenter of all things weed, is Colorado. And Denver is by far one of Colorado’s coolest cities. What better place to bring a mini dab kit and sample the best of what Denver dispensaries have to offer?

As the state capital and the Colorado city with the most pot shops, Denver is the place for potheads to be. With nearly 600 cannabis stores to choose from, you could easily spend an entire year there trying each store’s bud selection. 

  1. Portland, Oregon
Portland Marijuana Delivery Service is Approved

Oregon recently made headlines in the last election when its people voted to legalize all drugs. Yes, even that one. However, weed has been legal there for some time. And with hundreds of medical and recreational dispensaries to choose from, let’s just call Portland, Potland

If it all seems a little overwhelming, have no fear! Take a puff from your glass chillum and then jump on a Portland Pot Tour to acquaint yourself with the state’s largest and strangest city. 

  1. Seattle, Washington
Seattle HempFest – pic courtesy of

The state of Washington has given the people their legal weed for years now. Grab your 510 Thread Variable Voltage vape pen and head to Seattle. Known for the thriving music and art scene, it is no wonder Seattle knows how to cater to stoners and creatives by hosting the country’s largest weed festival

  1. Boston, Massachusetts
The Temescal Wellness marijuana dispensary in Hudson, Massachusetts has very knowledgeable budtenders.
Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 3

Massachusetts finally joined the modern world and legalized marijiana in 2018. Nevermind the Boston Aquarium or baseball stadium that Bostonians have become known for. Now you can course an entire vacation around legal weed in Massachusetts

  1. Bennington, Vermont
Vermont is a 420 Friendly Travel Destination. Buy a glass pipe and visit!

Vermont has had a reputation for being home of the hippies, and Bennington its capital. It’s no surprise that Vermont quickly came to the green side recently. When in Rome, or in Vermont, as they say, do as the Vermonters do. Everything in Bennington has an organic, earthy vibe to it so make sure to bring your Raw rolling papers or pack a few RAW rolling cones for the trip. 

Those hippies love them some unbleached rolling papers so if you puff a joint rolled with one of those you’ll blend right in. If you aren’t sure, look up a video on how to roll hemp wraps before you hit the road. 

  1. Scarborough, Maine
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Freedman & Koski Advise Maine on How to Implement Recreational Marijuana Rules

Novelist Steven King made Maine his home way back when weed was still illegal. In 1999, this state made medical weed legal but it wasn’t until 2019 that Maine gave potheads what we really want- legal recreational marijuana. And being a northeast coastal town, Scarborough makes our list of 420 friendly vacations

While the local police still enforce federal laws when it pertains to puffing in public, don’t fret. Grab a glass chillum one hitter for discretion while on the beach or taking a stroll. Make sure you know how to use a chillum, otherwise everyone around you will know what you’re up to. 

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
Budtenders at Euphoria Wellness in Las Vegas, NV are always VERY helpful.

Known as America’s Playground, Las Vegas is now the potheads playground since Nevada legalized cannabis a couple years ago. Greenbacks rolling papers are the perfect paper for Sin City. With $100 bill rolling papers you can strut down the strip like you just won a million bucks at the casino. 

  1. Anchorage, Alaska
Banking Issues for Cannabis Industry Continues in Alaska Forcing Closure of Lab Testing Company

Anchorage is home to numerous marijuana themed bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and dispensaries. Considering the weather and often limited daylight, Alaska makes perfect sense legalizing weed since there really isn’t that much more to do up there aside from taking in nature’s majesty. 

If you can put up with the cold weather, then grab your Dazz Vape pen for a trip to Alaska. The wilderness is breathtaking and if you want to feel at one with nature, this is the 420 friendly state to visit. 

  1. San Francisco, California
San Francisco's Recreational Weed Struggles

California has been a weed destination for potheads since the late 90s when Cali legalized medical marijuana before anyone else. Cheap chillums are the way to smoke around San Fran because there are so many pot shops to choose from, a one hitter will let you sample a little bud from all of them without getting so stoned, you can’t make it to the end of a block. 

  1. Washington D.C. 
washington dc mayor bowser introduces the safe cannabis sales act of 2019

Politicians come up with some strange laws in their crusade to end fun, and DC is not unlike other places that have legalized weed in that the local laws make it a challenge to actually just buy the stuff. However, in Washington DC lawmakers put a whole new twist on it and dictate that recreational weed must be given away. This makes D.C. a really fun place to explore their marijuana market. Pop up shops and events plus ‘gift with purchase’ incentives make it possible to find pot everywhere within city limits. 

Bonus and Honorable Mention: Sarasota, FL

Shopping bag from MUV a medical marijuana Dispensary in Sarasota, FL
MUV is another high end medical marijuana dispensary you can find in Sarasota, FL.

We covered Sarasota, FL with it’s budding medical marijuana industry in 2020 and the Sarasota-Bradenton market continues to expand in 2021.

Since SRQ is only setup for medical marijuana and there is no reciprocity in the state, we can’t condone smoking a fat joint in the retirement capital of the west coast of Florida. If you are able to shop at one of the best Sarasota dispensaries or Bradenton Pot Shops, then take yourself to the Arts District or to Siesta Key and enjoy getting baked on the beach.

Until Then, Shop Online

Glass Pipe from AtomicBlaze - the best online headshop and smoke shop
Shop online and plan your trip.

And while we are still stuck at home waiting for this to all play out, don’t forget to check out the best online smokeshop and get prepped for a trip. If you are in search of a cheap headshop online, then use an Atomic Blaze head shop promo code and you won’t be disappointed. Our smokeshop online promo code will save you tons of cash so you can spend that money on more of your favorite cannabis strains for sleep or sock it away for your next road trip to pot paradise.  

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